Theresa Hardy, MSN, CPNP, IBCLC

Are you overwhelmed with breastfeeding information and advice, but still struggling?

‚ÄčAre you struggling with latch difficulties, low milk supply, and a fussy baby at the breast?

Is breastfeeding painful?

What you can expect at a home lactation consult with Theresa:

  • Time to describe the challenges you are experiencing, in your own words.
  • Time to discuss your personal goals and hopes for breastfeeding.
  • Time to share your pregnancy and birth experiences.
  • Discussion of your baby's medical and feeding history.
  • Discussion of your breastfeeding history, including any fertility issues, previous breastfeeding experiences, breast surgeries, thyroid or other metabolic issues.
  • Assessment of your baby for alertness, hydration, gestational maturity, jaundice, palate and frenulum (tongue-tie), ability to suck, muscle tone, weight changes, etc...
  • Observation of a complete feeding, in your own environment, under normal conditions.
  • Discussion and practice with a variety of nursing positions to find what's most comfortable for you and your baby.
  • Evaluation of breastfeeding interventions, such as creams, pillows, cups, pumps, shields.
  • A pre- and post-feeding weight with an accurate infant scale, to determine how much milk the baby transfers in a feeding
  • A written care plan that outlines interventions discussed at the home visit, and the time to discuss the plan.
  • A detailed professional report faxed to your baby's healthcare provider, usually the same day.