Theresa Hardy, MSN, CPNP, IBCLC

Theresa is a pediatric nurse practitioner/lactation consultant with over 20 years experience in complex breastfeeding challenges. So many times over the years, when an infant falls asleep, contented after a great latch and feeding, mothers have asked her if she could "just go home with them." The answer is now YES! Theresa has always believed that the home is the best place to provide lactation support, and she is delighted to offer home lactation consults for Central Illinois!

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Jill Rackow, CD(DONA)

Jill is a home and hospital birth and postpartum doula, Fertility Awareness Method teacher, and babywearing educator. Jill loves working with women and their partners at all points in their journey, and believes that every birth can be truly empowering. 

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Shannon Morber

​Shannon is an experienced childbirth educator, compassionate birth doula, grateful wife to a wonderful musician and homeschooling mother to five lovely children. She derives great joy from witnessing the journey women take towards motherhood and considers it an honor to serve families during this intimate time of transition.

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Rachael McKinney, CD(DONA)

Rachael has been a DONA Certified Doula and a Bradley Method® Instructor since 2012. Her journey started after the birth of her third and final baby. She loves birth and babies, but knew she couldn’t continue having her own- so she decided to support other families having theirs! 

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