McCabe Chiropractic

Dr. McCabe is a licensed chiropractic physician with extra training in caring for pregnant women and children. Dr. McCabe is certified in the Webster technique for pregnancy and is a pediatric certified chiropractor through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association with 10 years of experience caring for the whole family. Webster technique corrects misalignments in the spine and pelvis and assesses soft tissue tightness and asymmetry to help prevent any torsion or strain on the uterus which can affect baby's positioning and thus, labor and delivery. Check out the ICPA website,, for lots of great information about chiropractic care for infants and children as well as pregnancy. McCabe Chiropractic also has three massage therapists and physical therapy modalities available to patients. As a mom of four, she can relate to the joy and struggles associated with pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and raising a family. As a chiropractor she feels blessed to have the opportunity to improve the lives of her patients and their families.

Dr. McCabe offers a discount program for cash paying patients, or is happy to bill to insurance.


B. Lime is a local shop that curates practical, eco-conscious products for your family. Shop anytime online at or make an appointment to shop the showroom. Mary offers free cloth diaper lessons and consultations, and she would love to help you navigate your diapering journey.

With a Gentle Transitions Package, clients can add on a $100 B. Lime gift card for only $85--no exclusions!

Acupuncture/Chinese medicine:​

Melby Chiropractic

Melby Chiropractic wants all of their patients to experience abundant life. And they recognize the need for health in order to live fully. The purpose of chiropractic is to get your body to function at its best, and they are committed to helping you attain and maintain optimal health. Their goal is to make your experience positive and hassle-free. That’s why, at Melby Chiropractic, you’ll receive straight-forward chiropractic care at an affordable price.

bensky family acupuncture

Bensky Family Acupuncture is dedicated to providing holistic healthcare for the entire family. They specialize in women’s health, fertility, prenatal, postpartum, and lactation support, as well as pediatric care and general family medicine. They strive to improve the health and wellness of their patients through the use of acupuncture, TuiNa (Chinese orthopedic massage), herbal medicine, food therapy, QiGong (movement therapy), and lifestyle advice. To learn if acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help you, please contact them to schedule a free 30 minute, in-person consultation. They look forward to helping you on your path to improved health and wellness!

Cloth Diapering and Natural Home/Baby:​

Josephine Leonard Photography

Josephine has been a photographer for 6 years. She loves to share some of the most special moments in peoples lives, and capturing those memories forever. She is based out of central Illinois specializing in children, babies and births. Contact her at or on Facebook at Josephine Leonard Photography.

Massage Therapy:​

Gentle Transitions highly recommends these local business partners!

Maternity, birth, newborn and family photography:​

Abby Meyers

Abby is committed to offering her clients her full attention, focus, and 13+ years of experience as a massage therapist. Your massage will be unique to you and what your body needs on that specific day. It will not be a pre-set massage routine, because your individual needs receive her detailed awareness, and our bodies change from day to day. Abby loves being able to offer her clients pain-relieving techniques in a manner that allows them to feel good while receiving them. Pre-conception, pregnancy and post-partum are all big times of change in a mom’s life physically and mentally, and Abby will address both. Through her training, personal experience receiving massage during her own 3 pregnancies, and professional experience, she will address your specific problem areas. She is committed to helping her clients feel nurtured and connected with their bodies. Abby looks forward to working with you!

Gentle Transitions Clients will receive $10 off their initial massage with Abby!