Fertility Awareness Method

What if I have irregular cycles?
FAM works for women who have cycles of all lengths. By learning to chart your cycles, there is a good chance you may actually figure out WHY your cycles are irregular.
Why should I practice FAM?
There are many reasons! Here are just a few:

  • Some women believe that hormonal birth control (HBC) causes miscarriage directly after conception, and are uncomfortable with that.
  • Many women experience negative side effects with HBC such as low sex-drive, mood swings, weight gain, and migraines and prefer a more natural way to avoid pregnancy.
  • Some women practice FAM because of religious beliefs.
  • Others don't like the idea of putting unnecessary chemicals in their bodies.

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What is FAM?
FAM is an abbreviation for the Fertility Awareness Method, a natural way to avoid or achieve pregnancy simply by paying close attention to the way your body works.

Who can practice FAM?
Any woman, in any stage of fertility can practice FAM! Even breast-feeding moms can use FAM effectively.

Is FAM the rhythm method?
NO. FAM is NOT the rhythm method. The rhythm method is based on the "average" 28 day cycle with ovulation occurring on day 14. Not many women have cycles that are exactly that, all the time. FAM is a way of observing your body's changes to determine when your peak fertility is.

When should I start learning FAM?
FAM can be learned at any stage of life! Please allow at least 3 full cycles of learning about/practicing FAM before using it as your primary means of birth control. 

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What is FAM?

FAMstands for the Fertility Awareness Method. FAM is a natural way of observing your body's changes throughout your cycle to determine when you are most fertile. FAM can be used at any point in a woman's fertility: avoiding pregnancy, trying to achieve pregnancy, or during the post-partum period. FAM is not tied to a specific religion, and is not taught with reference to religion.

Services Offered
Classes can be taken individually, with a spouse/partner, or in an organized group setting.

Complete FAM for Beginners - $125

Jill will go over the basic biology/anatomy behind the fertility signs you will be observing. You will receive a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler, as well as a Basal Body Thermometer, and learn the basics of charting. You will have "homework" to begin charting. After you have completed an entire cycle, you will meet again to go over your chart and answer any questions you have. After the 2nd and 3rd cycle of charting, Jill will follow up via email, phone, or Google Hangouts to go over your charts and answer any further questions that you have. Jill is happy to meet with you in person for additional fee. 

Chart Review Session - $35/session

For women/couples already familiar with charting, this is a great option if you need someone to go over a confusing chart, or if you have questions about your cycle or chart. Consultations are available over email, phone, Google Hangouts, or in-person. 

Unlimited Chart Review for 1 year - $250

This option is ideal for women who have complex cycle challenges, who are very wary of FAM and want to be extra cautious to not get pregnant, or for couples who are struggling with infertility. Jill will be available to you to answer any and all questions that you have about charting and fertility for 1 year from the date of contract signing. Meetings can be in person or over email, phone, or Google Hangouts (Limit of 6 in-person visits). 

**Taking Charge of Your Fertility is used in these lessons with permissions from author Toni Weschler.**