Private Class Series

Who should attend?
The same couples who want to the same information from the group classes but the schedule doesn't fit or you would prefer a one on one environment.

Whenever you would like to meet! The beauty of a private class is that you set the schedule for what works for you! Just let me know which days are best and we will work out the best schedule.

When should I start going to classes?

Another benefit of the private classes is choosing when you would like to start. The private class series runs for 6 weeks so the goal is to finish before you are due!

What is covered during the private series?
We cover the same information that the group class does, only it usually goes faster so we are able to finish the series in 6 weeks. Just like in the group classes each week addresses a topic important to a healthy pregnancy or information about the choices you have and things you may experience during pregnancy and labor.

Here are the topics we focus on:
How to handle pain/How to work with your body
A brief overview of pregnancy exercises and nutrition
The Coach’s Role
First Stage Labor and Positions
Second Stage Labor and Positions
The Birth Plan
Unexpected Situations
Newborn Procedures/Breastfeeding

What is the cost?
Group classes are $350. The cost is due at the first class meeting.

How do I register?
Email me at or fill out this form.