Group Class Series

Who should attend?
Couples who are looking to learn more about unmedicated childbirth or who are interested in learning what options they have with their pregnancy and birth experience in general. Knowledge is the key to getting the birth you want (medicated or not)! With our focus being on a healthy pregnancy, choosing the birth that is right for you and informed consent, this class can be for anyone!


I start a new series about every 3 months. Our next series starts:

Wednesday April 28th from 7-9. Group classes are only held on zoom right now. Private classes are offered in person, if you prefer that option. 

When should I start going to classes?
I suggest that you start your classes between your 20th week and 25th week of

your pregnancy. But there is no wrong time to start. If the 10 week series won't

work out for your due date or schedule, check out the private class options here.

What is covered during the full series?

Each week addresses a topic important to a healthy pregnancy or information

about the choices you have and things you may experience during pregnancy

and labor.

Here are the topics we focus on:

How to handle pain/How to work with your body
A brief overview of pregnancy exercises and nutrition
The Coach’s Role
First Stage Labor and Positions
Second Stage Labor and Positions
The Birth Plan
Unexpected Situations
Newborn Procedures/Breastfeeding

What is the cost?

Group classes are $300. There is a $50 deposit to hold your spot. The balance is due at the first class meeting.

How do I register?

Email me at or fill out this form.