Babywearing Education

What is Babywearing?

"Babywearing" is an all-encompassing term that essentially means carrying your baby in some type of carrier (sling, wrap, structured carrier) on your person. It's a way to carry baby and still have your hands available for everything else your life throws at you!

Services Offered

​Jill will come to your home at your convenience, either before or after birth, whichever you prefer. She will bring a variety of carriers with her to teach you about and demonstrate for you if you are unsure of what type of carrier you want for your own baby. Alternately (or additionally), she help you with any carriers you already own.

$50 per session (approximately 1.5 hours), to be paid in full at the time of the meeting. If Babywearing Education is bundled with other services, it will be at a discounted rate
. If you have specific questions about your own carrier, and the session is limited to one hour or less, the fee is $35.